What is Emsculpt?

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Emsculpt is a body-contouring device that has been FDA-cleared and approved to burn fat and build muscle mass.

Emsculpt contracts muscles to a level that would be very very difficult for a single individual’s effort. This results in better muscle tone and some serious fat reduction! By highly focusing electromagnetic energy on a specific body part, the muscles contract 100% and hold that position for up to six seconds.

The average person can contract their muscles to about 30-35% of that. In response to these specified muscle contractions, the muscle will go through a transformation leaving permanent results.

What are the risks?

There are only a handful of situations in which you should not get Emsculpt. When I say handful, I literally mean like 1 or 2 cases in which you should wait until you do it. The truth is, Emsculpt entails placing a rubber pad on a body part and allowing the magnetics to contract the muscles you want to work on. You don’t have to do any of the work yourself.

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When will I see results?

Most people I talk to and see go in and out of sculpting will see results within 3 months. But don’t get me wrong, you will more than likely feel the results immediately. It’s compared to doing 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes so you are in for a treat (way less painful than that sounds). With a good recovery plan, you should see results continue to improve for up to six months.


  • Immediately
  • Three months (with a good recovery plan)
  • Six months (with a good recovery plan)

How long will the results last?

The most important thing is to really focus on your diet! Emsculpt will give you an incredible boost of fat reduction but if you go home and don’t really do much after the treatment, you will see less results immediately and even worse results after three months.

You really want a good plan for afterwards and also leading up to the treatment as well. If you are dieting and excercising already and need a boost to get you over the hump than emsculpt is going to be perfect as well!

Does Emsculpt hurt?

Absolutley not! I have done it four times this year and the most I can tell you is that it feels similar to a gentle tug or pulling sensation. But the clinicians and staff can adjust the intensity for your comfort. And you don’t want it to hurt anyways, this will give you results with the most gentle tug feeling. It’s really incredible!

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