There are ways to lose fat that don’t work. And then there is KYBELLA. KYBELLA is a miracle injectable that destroys fat cells permanently. It is FDA approved to reduce submental fullness which is a the medical terminology to describe the fat that can accumulate under the chin. Yes, the dreaded double chin.

We offer KYBELLA in Newport Beach which is conveniently located in Orange County.

The fat that accumulates under the chin is one of the hardest areas to lose fat in. Even if you diet and exercise, your body can still store fat in this area. Fat here can make you look overweight, older and  unhealthy. It can also affect your confidence.

KYBELLA : The First of Its Kind

  • Non surgical
  • Permanently destroy fat cells
  • Customized treatments

KYBELLA is packaged in a box with four vials. Generally, we recommend at least two vials per treatment for ideal results.

KYBELLA for Double Chin Area

KYBELLA was created to target this specific area. There is no other specific treatment that targets the fat in this area that is an injectable and is non-surgical. You will love the results when you complete the treatment program.

KYBELLA for Belly, Arm and Bra Fat

KYBELLA was created to target the fat underneath the chin. Other medical providers have used KYBELLA to target other areas of the body that also carry stubborn fat.  We invite you to have  free consultation to recommend the ideal treatment based on your body profile and how much fat you are looking to achieve. We love combining treatments to get the best results including laser lipo.

KYBELLA : A Series of Treatments for the Best Results

KYBELLA requires a set of treatments to see the best results. Although, not immediate, the results are permanent and require no surgery or any incisions of any kind. Results are dramatic with a series of treatments. A slimmer profiles can improve confidence, enhance other facial features and make you look more healthier.

KYBELLA : A complimentary consultation

Do you have questions about KYBELLA? We offer complimentary consultations for KYBELLA and can address any questions during your consultation. We are conveniently located in Newport Beach.