How Often Should You Try Custom Spray Tan?

Custom Spray Tan by The Beauty Hut in in Newport Beach CA

Custom spray tans offer a safe, efficient way to achieve a sun-kissed glow without the risks associated with traditional sun tanning. At The Beauty Hut Face & Body Sculpting, we use the latest Norvell tanning formulas, tailored to match your skin tone for a natural-looking tan. This method eliminates the need for sun exposure, reducing the risk of sun damage while providing the benefits of a beautiful, even tan. Our trained technicians ensure a precise, even application, focusing on your comfort and the quality of results. 

Whether preparing for a special event or seeking a regular glow, our custom spray tans are designed to meet your needs with minimal hassle. Here’s a closer look at how custom spray tans work, their safety, and how often you should consider getting one to maintain your ideal tan year-round.

What are Custom Spray Tans?

Custom spray tans offer a safe, tailored solution for achieving a bronzed look without sun exposure or tanning beds, known for harmful UV rays. The process involves a trained technician applying a mist of tanning solution, which reacts with the skin to create a tan. This personalized approach ensures the tan matches your natural skin tone, avoiding the unnatural orange hue common with other tanning methods.

The tanning solution’s main ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), is a sugar compound that interacts with the skin’s outer layer, darkening it temporarily. Approved for cosmetic use, DHA’s safety underscores the method’s appeal. The tan, applied on the skin’s surface, fades as the skin naturally sheds dead cells, typically lasting about a week.

Custom spray tans also prevent tan lines and evenly cover hard-to-tan areas, offering a considerate choice for both skin health and appearance. This method highlights the importance of skilled application for a natural-looking, sunless tan.

The Process of Getting a Custom Spray Tan

Getting a custom spray tan begins with a consultation at a salon or spa, where a trained technician assesses your skin tone and discusses your desired tan level. This step ensures the tan complements your natural coloring, aiming for a result that looks authentic.

During the application, you’ll stand in a designated area, often a booth, while the technician uses a spray gun to apply the tanning solution across your body evenly. This precise method allows for an even coat, avoiding patches and ensuring coverage of desired areas, while sensitive spots are protected or lightly covered to prevent over-tanning.

The process is quick, usually completed in minutes, and the drying time is brief. You’re advised to wear loose clothing to the appointment to avoid rubbing off the tan before it sets. The tan develops over the next few hours, with full color emerging within 24 hours. It’s important to avoid water and sweating during this time to ensure the tan sets properly.

Safety and Ingredients

DHA is a simple carbohydrate that reacts with the amino acids in the dead layer of the skin’s surface, a process known as the Maillard reaction. This reaction produces pigments called melanoidins, responsible for skin color change, simulating a tan.

This reaction is purely superficial, affecting only the outermost layer of the skin, which is composed of dead skin cells. As such, the tanning effect is temporary and fades as the skin naturally exfoliates, usually within a week. This reaction’s non-invasive nature makes DHA-based spray tans a safe option, as it doesn’t require exposure to harmful UV radiation to achieve a tan.

DHA has been approved by health authorities, including the FDA, for external application to the skin, underscoring its safety profile. It’s non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a sunless tan.

Aftercare and Maintenance

To ensure your custom spray tan looks great and lasts as long as possible, follow these essential aftercare and maintenance tips:

  1. Immediate Aftercare (First 24 Hours):
    1. Avoid Water and Sweat: Keep your skin dry to allow the DHA to react with your skin, ensuring an even tan.
    2. Wear Loose Clothing: Prevent smudging or unevenness by avoiding tight-fitting attire immediately after application.
  2. Daily Moisturizing:
    1. Hydrate Your Skin: Apply a gentle, non-exfoliating moisturizer daily to slow the skin’s natural exfoliation process, extending the tan’s life.
  3. Showering:
    1. Lukewarm Water and Mild Soap: Use lukewarm water and avoid harsh soaps to prevent accelerating the fading process.
    2. Pat Dry: After showering, gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing to avoid uneven fading.
  4. Swimming:
    1. Minimize Exposure: Chlorinated pools and salt water can cause the tan to fade prematurely, so try to limit swimming activities.
  5. Preparing for the Next Tan:
    1. Gentle Exfoliation: When your tan begins to fade and you’re ready for a new application, exfoliate gently to remove the remaining color for an even next application.

Frequency of Spray Tanning

The frequency of spray tanning depends on personal preferences and lifestyle choices. For those seeking a continuous, year-round tan, scheduling a custom spray tan session once a week is a common practice. This routine aligns with the natural skin cell turnover cycle, ensuring a consistent and fresh-looking tan without fading patches.

However, a single spray tan session is sufficient for individuals aiming for a sun-kissed look for special occasions or events. In such cases, planning the session a day or two before the event is advisable to fully allow the tan to develop and adjust to its natural hue.

Regardless of the frequency, it’s important to exfoliate before each session to remove dead skin cells and any leftover tan from previous applications. This preparation step ensures the new tan applies evenly and lasts as long as possible. Tailoring the spray tanning schedule to fit your needs and following proper skin preparation can keep your skin glowing and looking naturally tanned throughout the year or for those special moments.


Ready to appreciate the benefits of a perfect, sun-kissed glow without the risk of UV damage? For your personalized custom spray tan treatment in Newport Beach, CA, stop by The Beauty Hut Face & Body Sculpting right now. To get a flawless, natural tan, our knowledgeable specialists are available to assist you in choosing the ideal Norvell tanning solution based on your skin tone. The Beauty Hut has everything you need to look your best for special occasions or to keep your glow going all year round. Book an appointment right away to start your assessment with our team, where wellness and beauty coexist. Get ready for your flawless tan!


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