How is SkinPen different from other skin treatment?

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In recent years, microneedling has become more popular as an effective way to treat acne and scars. With this treatment, you can reduce the look of these scars and give the skin a smooth, even texture. Though effective and popular, new technology has developed microneedling techniques. 

SkinPen Microneedling — a skin resurfacing treatment that doesn’t involve surgery can get rid of acne scars, tighten the skin, and reduce the size of pores to make the skin look and feel better and stop future breakouts.

Here, the experts at The Beauty Hut in Newport Beach, CA, talk about how microneedling helps with acne scars and how traditional microneedling differs from SkinPen microneedling. Hop into this post to learn more. 

How does microneedling help get rid of acne scars?

In general, Microneedling works by getting the body’s healing systems going. This is done by making thousands of tiny cuts in the dermis’s top layer, where scars form. By doing this, the skin starts to heal uniformly, making the area where the wounds used to be smooth and even.

So, what does SkinPen do?

SkinPen used to be the only microneedling tool on the market that the FDA approved. It is not a laser treatment. Instead, it uses tiny needles made of stainless steel to make small channels in the skin. 

In the simplest terms, the SkinPen needles poke holes in the skin, causing a controlled micro-injury. This injury tells the skin to start its natural healing process, leading to more collagen and elastin.

It is also the only class II microneedling medical device on the market that has been studied, cleared, and approved by the FDA to treat acne scars on the face of adults. But Skin Pen does more than get rid of acne scars. 

Patients see a big change in their skin’s overall tone and texture and a decrease in fine lines and spots. It has even been shown to help get rid of stretch marks.

What makes the SkinPen different from 

Other treatments?

In the past, microneedling was done with rollers with hundreds of needles gently rolled over the treatment area to make tiny holes. Even though this method can produce good results, keeping things clean and using the rollers more than once can be hard.

Because it has disposable needle cartridges, the SkinPen is safe and clean. Also, treatments with the SkinPen are done in a lot less time than with traditional dermal rollers.

SkinPen Microneedling also goes a little deeper into the dermal layer. This significantly speeds up the production of new collagen and the healing process, which helps with deeper and larger scars. Many patients also consider getting a chemical peel or other skin resurfacing procedure to boost their skin. 

Microneedling works because it uses physical force. But a chemical peel, on the other hand, works by peeling away the top layer of dead, damaged skin cells to reveal the young, healthy skin underneath. 

So if you’re wondering how SkinPen microneedling works, here’s its process.

How SkinPen Microneedling works?

In common ways, the Skin Pen is a microneedling device. It has a sterile tip with 12 tiny needles that are evenly spaced and make small, controlled holes in the skin. Small wounds are made, which sometimes cause pinpricks of blood to rise to the surface. 

This starts the body’s natural healing process. This is how microneedling works. Your body rushes to fix the wound by making new collagen and elastin, which make the skin stronger and more flexible. 

By stimulating collagen production throughout several treatments, patients will see their fine lines and wrinkles go away, their skin tone and texture improve, and even their large pores and acne scars get smaller. 

It’s also great for crepe skin and stretch marks and bumps on the skin’s surface. The bottom line is that as we age, we lose collagen, which, along with changes in our genes and exposure to the sun, causes wrinkles. 

If we can get our bodies to make more collagen, we can fight wrinkles and keep our skin firm, plump, and flexible. This gives us what Skin Pen users call an overall youthful glow.

SkinPen Pros

Aside from that, it’s like microneedling, and there are other factors that you can consider before going through this process. Here are those: 

  • Treatment that is quick, easy, and doesn’t hurt
  • A consistent, targeted application
  • Treat places that are hard to get to
  • At least 30 to 60-minute sessions of care\
  • 3–6 treatments spaced out every six weeks
  • 1-2 maintenance treatments per year

Who Should Use SkinPen?

Microneedling with a SkinPen is used to treat and improve the following. But those with the following experiences are best suitable.

  • Small lines and creases
  • Acne scarring
  • Loose and mildly sagging skin
  • Age spots
  • Pigment issues
  • Stretch marks

SkinPen can treat skin problems at shallow, medium, and deep levels because it can control how deep it goes into the skin.

How Many Treatment Sessions will I need?

How many treatment sessions you need to reach your aesthetic goals depends on what you are trying to treat, among other things. You need six and eight treatment sessions if you want to remove stretch marks or certain kinds of scars. 

You might need two to four sessions to tighten loose skin. During your first consultation, we will look at how you look now and how you want to identify how many sessions you will need to get there. 

What other kinds of treatments go well with microneedling with the Skin Pen?

As was already said, you can’t get rid of some wrinkles by making collagen grow. Instead, it would help if you had a neuromodulator like Botox. We can safely and effectively combine these two treatments if you have wrinkles caused by both losses of collagen and overactive muscles.

Botox treatments for wrinkles only take about three to five minutes per area. So, if you want to treat three wrinkles caused by overactive muscles, it will only take you an extra nine to fifteen minutes.

Again, the needles are so thin that you won’t feel much more than a pinch, and you won’t need any medicine to make you numb. Still, it would be best to talk to your doctors before combining any procedures with SkinPen Microneedling. 

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