How Often Should You Try Custom Spray Tan?

Custom Spray Tan by The Beauty Hut in in Newport Beach CA

Custom spray tans offer a safe, efficient way to achieve a sun-kissed glow without the risks associated with traditional sun tanning. At The Beauty Hut Face & Body Sculpting, we use the latest Norvell tanning formulas, tailored to match your skin tone for a natural-looking tan. This method eliminates the need for sun exposure, reducing […]

How Long Does a Custom Spray Tan Last? 

How Long Does a Custom Spray Tan Last 

Do you want to know how long a spray tan will last? Well, the answer is more complex than you might expect. The length of time a spray tan lasts can depend on several things, such as the quality of the solution, how it was applied, and your skin type. But today, with Beauty Hut, […]

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